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MW Media Hamburg takes care of thisSubsidiaries of

Company Kröger  to create Photographs of the funeral service,

digital post-processing the photos and the creation of one

own, password-protected Page from where you took the photos

can download.

You want a picture of the deceased loved one at the funeral service

Have it set up, but only have a photo on your cell phone or even a paper copy?

No problem !

We take care of it and draw your desired picture on canvas.

You will of course receive the picture from us at the end.

MW Media will also prepare the musical accompaniment for the funeral service for you.  The songs are provided digitally as needed Technology

brought along and played back at the right moment.

The applicable fees (GEMA-GFL) will be charged to you.paid.

Also Video recordings to drone flights with video recording

are possible under certain conditions.

Do you have any questions about it?  Ask - We are always there for you!

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