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Our history

SFor five generations, the Kröger family, now Wulf, has accompanied relatives and mourners through difficult times.

Although the undertaker's requirement profile differs greatly from carpenter to full-time merchant.changed, and through

The number of services that an undertaker often takes on today is extremely multiplied, but it is ours

Basic desire to HELP YOU is still the same.

Adolf Kröger, Wilhelm Kröger, Günther Kröger, Claus-Dieter Wulf and todayMathias Wulf .....

...the same principle connects them all to this day: Honor the dead and serve the living.

DThis principle will last as long ase that The company is family-run - that's a promise

The Some of the people who take care of this today still belong to the family, says the authorized representative and

good soul of the company Stefanie Mühlenpfordt is the cousin of the owner Mathias Wulf and has

thusthe predecessors Claus-Dieter Wulf and Günther Kröger as uncle and grandfather respectively.

All employees have been with the company for at least 10 years, some almost 20 years, which makes us very proud.

and now let's introduce ourselves...

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